February 02, 2012

Tom Bubul and Michael W. Hall "Other Ways In" exhibition at Space 1026

Tom Bubul and Michael W. Hall

February 3rd through February 25th
Opening Friday, February 3rd, 2012, 7 - 10 pm

Michael and Tom have been working together for nine years as a drawing club and as the noise band OSPREYS. “Other Ways In” presents their paintings together for the first time.

The show’s title refers to the practice of gaining access to unusual areas via atypical entrances. This speaks to Michael’s interest in the American freight train system and its hidden culture of illegal traveling and mark-making. His painstaking rendering of step-gradient color-bars into twisting forms immediately recalls the patience of waiting to “catch out,” while the austerity of his designs are in direct contrast to the chaos of train yards, sidings and jungles that map his world.

Tom’s work is toward containing energy; he uses painting to store time, motion and mystery against against his persistent problems (e.g., the winter, the future, doing work, living in a house). By investing these elements into a surface, Tom creates alternative symbols for the persistent issues of daily life; full sinks, self-doubt, and unfulfilled desire become “glyphs” that support the world of days instead of depressing it.

Space 1026
1026 Arch St.

PA 19107
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