March 08, 2012

Aaron OBLVN "100 Paintings" exhibition at Klughaus Gallery

100 Paintings

March 10 - April 1, 2012
Opening Reception: Saturday, March 10, 2012 from 6pm-10pm

Emerging Pacific Northwest artist OBLVN hand paints 100 exclusive illustrations in honor of New York City debut—New York, NY - Feb 27, 2012 - Klughaus Gallery is proud to announce the debut of “100 Paintings,” a solo exhibition of brand new, one-of-a-kind illustrated works by Portland, Oregon-based artist and cartoonist Aaron OBLVN. In honor of his first ever east coast show, OBLVN has been hard at work for months preparing one hundred illustrations exclusively for Klughaus; highlights of the character and cartoon-heavy exhibit include contemporary, tongue-in-cheek remixes of classic cartoon characters like 'Felix The Cat' as an art thief and 'Dennis the Menace' as a vandal, as well as many original works, from mischievous spray can characters to runaway inkwells.

Why one hundred works? “I’ve been drawing my whole life, but really focusing on this style for about three years now—but not on this scale,” says OBLVN. “I read once in a sign painting comic strip by [cartoonist] Justin Green that it takes about 100 hours of brushing before you finally get your lettering down,” says OBLVN of one of the motives behind sitting down to tackle the daunting task of creating one hundred pieces of art for a single show. “So I figured if I did 100 characters, I would definitely get some good practice in. I can tell from the first cartoons I started doing a few years ago that I've gotten better. It's always great to see your own progress.”

In addition to breaking the gallery record for the highest number of works in a single show, the breadth and depth of OBLVN's body of playful, accessible work makes "100 Paintings" a show with literally something for everyone. “I love cartoons,” he says of his trademark subject matter. “I’m picky, but I love a lot of styles. From Vaughn Bode, Basil Wolverton, Skip Williamson, Text Avery, Ralph Bakshi and John K to more contemporary artists like Barry McGee and Todd James.”

In this vein “100 Paintings” is both a one-of-a-kind body of work as well as a collective ode to the artists OBLVN emulates, and he is looking forward to piecing together his collection of puzzle pieces in New York City: “I’m really stoked on the work as a whole,” he says. “So much of my time is spent up close with the pieces, my face only a few inches from my brush and the ink that it’s sort of crazy to step back and see the work as a body. It’s pretty cool to see how much I cranked out. It’s so awesome that [the opening] is in NY, but seriously daunting. I’m excited.”

Aaron OBLVN is a Portland-based artist known for his cheeky, mischievous characters and clean and playful design work. In addition to an extensive background as an aerosol artist working throughout the country, Aaron has exhibited at many prestigious galleries along the west coast. Most recently, his work was featured in MoCA's highly praised “Art in the Streets” exhibition in Los Angeles. Last but not least, Aaron has designed for many well known commercial projects and brands including Nike, Dell, Ecko, Upper Playground, Winners Circle, Clout Magazine, and more. Some of his favorite cartoons include Thundercats, GI Joe and "definitely Scooby Doo."

*Limited edition posters and exclusive OBLVN x Klughaus T-shirts will be released at the opening!

Klughaus Gallery
47 Monroe St.
New York, NY 10002
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