March 30, 2012

ALL IN FOR THE 99% Art Exhibition


Rebuild the Dream, Civic Action,
Russell Simmons, Occupy the Dream and SEIU Present


Saturday, March 31, 2012
10:30AM - 6:00PM

Artists, musicians, writers and activists unite to amplify the voices of the 99%, demanding an end to Citizens United and calling for real campaign finance reform. The ALL IN FOR THE 99% gallery will be open to the public with music, readings, film and visual art from over 100 of the nation’s most revolutionary artists!

Participating artists: Aaron Axelrod, Aaron Rose, Adam Bravin, Adarsha Benjamin, Alex Bacon, Alexandra Conn, Alexis Amann, Alia Penner, Alison Dyer, Amanda Demme, Anne McCaddon, Anthony Lister, Antonio Mendoza, Art Not War, Ashley Campbell, Ashley Snow Macomber, Augustus Thompson, Becky Stark, Cali Thornhill DeWitt, Cheryl Dunn, Chris Dean, Chris Johanson & Johanna Jackson, Chris Lux, Chris Pastras, Clayton Brothers, Cleon Peterson, Clint Woodside, Cole Sternberg, Corita, Craig Stecyk, Daena Title, Dan Monick, Daphne Vega, Date Farmers, David Ellis, David Ford, Deanna Tempelton, Deedee Cheriel, Destroy All Design, Edward Cao, Elisa Linda Saether, Elisabeth Fried, Eriberto Oriol, Erica S. Nicotra, Erik Otto, Ernesto Yerena, Estevan Oriol, Gia Coppola, Glen E. Friedman, Graham Metson, Grant Shumate, HEARTSCHALLENGER, Ingrid Allen, Ione Skye, j.frede, James Gallagher, Jeff Canham, Jena Malone, Jeremy Corbell, Jill Greenberg, Jillian Kogan, Jordin Isip, Joshua Leonard, Justin Kemerling, Katrina Bea, Kellie Bowman, Kelsey Brookes, Kimberly Brooks, Kio Griffith, Lawrence Inglee, Leba, Lenny Silverberg, Lorna Mills and Yoshi Sodeoka, Mai Anh, Marc Cross, Mark Blackwell, Matjames, Matt Furie, Matthew Salata, Maya Hayuk, Maya Mercer, Megan Whitmarsh, Mel Kadel, Melodie McDaniel, Michael Muller, Neck Face, Nicola Vruwink, Nonstndrd, Patrick Hoelck, Paul D. Miller aka Dj Spooky, Peter Glantz, Ramsey Dau, Ray Noland, Retna, Rich Jacobs, Richard Louderback, Rick Rodney, Robbie Conal, Robin Fleming, Ron Regé, Jr., Sacha Baumann, Sage Vaughn, Sandow Birk, Sandra Low, Shannon Donnelly, Shawn Doster, Shepard Fairey, Skullphone, Spencer Lowell, Steve Greenberg, Swoon, Tansy Myer, Ted Soqui, Travis Millard, Vanessa Prager, and Zohreh Partovi.

For more information, including a full schedule, visit

All In for the 99%
400 S. La Brea Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90034
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