March 08, 2012

Ana Langeheldt "Galaxia 17812" exhibition at Montana Gallery Barcelona

Ana Langeheldt (LAHE178)
Galaxia 17812

March 8th, from 8pm.
March 9th - April 7th, 2012

Ana Langeheldt, born in Seville and, according to her, an ‘inhabitant of planet earth’, presents her new work, titled 'Galaxia 17812' in Montana Gallery Barcelona.

LAHE178, as she’s known within the world of graffiti and urban art, came into contact with spray can art in 2001 during her Fine Arts studies in Seville.

Along her path, she has won numerous prizes and has participated in various expositions, by herself and as part of collectives, but it is within the world of graffiti that she is really in her element. In addition to doing murals, she has participated in numerous exhibitions and events, both in her home country of Spain and abroad, and she has been mentioned in international publications such as Graffiti Women, Mural Art Vol. 3, and Urban Art Boom.

LAHE178 combines her projects in the public arena with her other two great passions: painting and illustration.

Galaxia 17812 is an exposition of paintings and drawings which reflect the artist’s galaxy; 178 represents her name, and 12 represents this dangerous year in which we live. This is a new galaxy, running parallel to those of others, made up of stars and solar systems where real and imaginary creatures live.

Montana Gallery
Comerç, 6
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