March 01, 2012

The Impossible Project "Momentum" Exhibition NYC


March 01 - June 26, 2012
Opening Reception: March 01, 2011 6 pm

It has been almost two years since the very first release of Impossible instant film, the wildly anticipated new black & white instant film for Polaroid SX-70 cameras. Although the film was initially in a developmental stage and highly experimental, it dawned on both fanatics and photographers alike that the impossible actually could become possible.

Just 19 months later, Impossible has released 12 unique film types for three separate Polaroid camera systems. Although the journey has been short, the length Impossible has come represents a milestone in reviving instant analog photography.

Using Impossible’s latest color and black & white films, twelve carefully selected photographers are illustrating a MOMENTUM that will carry instant analog photography through the digital age and beyond.

Impossible Project Space NYC
425 Broadway, 5th floor
NY 10013

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