March 10, 2012

Sozyone presents "G.I.P.S.Y." Graffiti is probably scaring you exhibition at Speerstra gallery

Sozyone "G.I.P.S.Y" Graffiti is probably scaring you
drawings / paintings / sculptures

Opening saturday 10th of march 2012 from 2 till 6 pm

Artist reception

SHOW from 10 march – 20 april 2012

"It's by evolving throught the world of Graffiti that i understood the importance of art. By painting the cave walls you understand the reasons of art. We the vandals are the flamenco of contemporay art, the blood of the bull, the enamel under the moon, the fire place of the home, the horse from the thief and the Gipsy's gold."

The visual work developed by Sozyone this last decade, reveals a tendency towards staging and clear lines. Exploring the dark world of futuristic Anarchy through a magnifying glass, he studies linear deformation, the "anti-bon-goût" and systematic opposition to distance himself from the conventional academic world of popular communication and to deepen his unique sens of aesthetics, where colors become simple values of tones fighting each other in an unequal combat between the fluid outlines and their position in space. It is from this battle that the final composition will explode, to uncover the charismatic symbols of the diamond thief; his gloves, his hat, the bird, the mask and the light in his eyes prior to the crime.

Sozyone's paintings are brutal and refined at one and the same time, suggesting the violence of the cities, its mechanism and the feline elegance of its cat-burglars.

"The thief. The cave. The key. The million. The cat. The bridges. Six reasons Sozyone is fly. The above words refer to different sections of Sozyone González’ website, a place you can get lostwithin. Born in Brussels, Sozyone has lived through decade saturated in culture: the break-dancing of the 80s, the graffiti of the 90s, the gallery crawl of the 00s.

Somewhere in between forging Belgian franks in 1982 and recording albums, Sozyone has amassed a great oeuvre. Sozyone is the real deal."

Speerstra Gallery
Chemin des Cerisiers 1
CH-1183 Bursins
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