April 09, 2012

Dok, NWS UV-TPK "NWSTORY" exhibition at Straat Gallery


Opening: Thursday April 12th 2012 at 7pm

The Straat Gallery has the pleasure to introduce Nwstory, the first exhibition in Marseille (France) of graffiti artist Dok, from the 12th of April to 12th of May, 2012.

Paris 1994, full expansion of the French graffiti scene, young Dok starts his career by tagging the walls of the capital city along with the well-known graffiti writers Kiss and Eyone. He quickly became a member of the famous crews UV-TPK, known for their numerous actions in the area of Paris. In 1996 he founds the crew NWS, which is now represented all over the country.

He has become an emblematic figure of the Parisian graffiti scene and more recently of Marseille. He appears in videos such as Ultimate Videos 1, 2 and Sous Surveillance. His paintings could also be found in a lot of graffiti magazines and books e.g. After Eight.

In the exhibition Nwstory, Dok will show his latest works on canvas, mixing techniques of paint, pen and aerograph. With his throw-ups he celebrates the hardcore side of graffiti and in this exhibition we’ll recognize the trademark of the crews UV-TPK, which is an extensive work on throw-ups, a repetition which sublimates them.

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Straat Galerie
15 rue des Bergers,
13006 Marseille, France
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