April 05, 2012

Matt Reynolds "Benign, But Still Yucky" exhibition at FIFTY24PDX Gallery

Matt Reynolds
Benign, But Still Yucky

Opening April 5th, 2012 - 6-10pm

Join us for Matt Reynolds’ debut gallery show, featuring a cast of characters that look icky, but mean no harm.

“I think it’s safe to say that our culture shares in a certain paranoid skepticism of the microscopic world underneath our skin. Our ideals of beauty and longevity are always foiled by these material ball and chains, which will inevitably decay or fill with tumors. Even our cosmetic concerns are extensions of this prolonged denial of material mortality. The world that these works inhabit is filled with bulging growths, weeping sores, and unsightly hair – essentially augmentations of the most unattractive elements of our anatomies. My aim is to soften the frightening, foreign aspects or our own bodily anxieties by rendering microscopic forms with the hand of a classic cartoonist. It seems easier to confront a tumor if it has a pair of big, glossy eyeballs. After all: tumors aren’t evil – or benevolent. They just happen when we’ve lived too long for our bodies. Maybe we should just imagine each tumor with a big dumb smile, and pretend that it’s an absent minded guest that showed up way too early for the party at your house. Because BENIGN, BUT STILL YUCKY is a party that all your unsettling growths are invited to – so you might as well laugh a manic, hypochondriac’s laugh and turn up the stereo.” - 
Matt Reynolds

Matt Reynolds grew up just north of San Francisco, but moved to Maine to get his BA in Art and Visual culture with a focus in experimental animation. After briefly studying filmmaking in the Czech Republic, he was introduced to the surrealist animations of Jan Svankmajer, which pushed him into the exploration of rudimentary, hand-made animation techniques. He has since embraced in-computer methods; though he remains committed to those earlier economic means for the illusion of movement. Matt compulsively vacillates between painting, sculpture, and animation projects – all of which tend to recycle imagery from molecular biology, science fiction, and vintage cartoons. He currently lives and works in Portland, Oregon.

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FIFTY24PDX Gallery
23 Northwest 5th Ave,
Portland, OR 97209
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