April 12, 2012

Paulo Govêa & Prozak "Dirty!" exhibition at Montana Gallery Barcelona

Paulo Govêa & Prozak

Opening: April 12th, 2012 - 8pm
April 13 - May 19, 2012.

Commissioned by Montana Gallery Barcelona, Prozak and Paulo Govea are presenting their work for the first time in Spain in an exposition called Sucio! (Dirty!).

Prozak is the pseudonym adopted by artist Celso Mazo (São Paulo) in 2001 as a remedy for the social problems and incongruences of daily life. In his latest series the color comes out like a multidimensional lump of organic material made from kaleidoscopic layers that invade dull areas of the city. This chromatic diversity that characterizes his work shows the saturation of information the this globalized world we live in and the effect that it has on the population.

Paulo Govea (São Paulo) self-educated in photography and multi-media, his job is based on exploring a playful universe where special people can raise questions related with art and life. His work in Sucio! is a reflection of some of the values that make up capitalist society. He keeps a visual parallel and tells the difference between true dirt and moral filth.

Through a game of pictures, the artist is looking to throw the viewer off a bit and expose the extent of bias taxes from the so-called “financial success culture.”

Montana Gallery
Carrer Comerç, 6
08003 Barcelona,
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