April 13, 2012

Мишка presents T-world Journal: NYC Issue Release Party

Since 2005, the Australia based journal T-world has been putting out two massive issues a year of super premium content about – what else – t-shirts! Everyone’s favorite clothing item finally gets its fair turn in the spotlight, as T-world brings in all kinds of great artists, companies, and writers to pay tribute to tees and the truly massive t-shirt culture. Their next issue is focused on our home, New York City, and to celebrate they’re settin’ up shop in 350 Broadway this Friday night! Cool!

Some people fear Friday the 13th, but not us – we embrace that evil mofo and throw a party on it! You should do the same, especially since if you come out you can scoop up a fresh from the presses copy of the new T-world, as well as the absolutely killer – and absolutely #rare – t-shirt we printed up to commemorate it. Mr. T’s influence has been with Мишка from the start (have you seen Greg’s tumblr??) so when it came time to cook up a T-world tee, well, we knew what we had to do. The tee is running for $30, and the journal a low low $20, but there are only 100 t-shirts available, so you better come quick!

Friday April 13th, 2012, 7-10PM

FB Event

350 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY
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