April 04, 2012

Steak Mtn "Get Ready, Jungle Heat" solo show at Beach London

"GET READY, JUNGLE HEAT." is the first UK solo show of California based artist Christopher Norris, aka Steak Mtn.

"GET READY, JUNGLE HEAT.", will see Norris/Steak aggressively exploring the role of the mouth in human sexuality; correlating the moist humidity of men and women's mouths to that of the wet heat of a jungle. Using a visceral, inkblot-drawing style influenced by Jean Cocteau, Allen Jones and the early commercial work of Andy Warhol, Chris delicately abstracts his compositions, coaxing the viewer to examine the seamy subject matter in detail.

Steak Mtn. is Christopher Norris, an artist currently working in Northern California. His artwork, recognised for its unique gallows humour approach, has been exhibited in solo and group shows internationally. He is primarily known for commercially trafficking his dark, prurient aesthetic into packaging and ephemera designs for various punk / hardcore bands such as Against Me!, Cult Ritual and Combatwoundedveteran. Norris/Steak is making the long journey across the globe for his first ever UK solo show and will be joining us at the launch on the 5th April.

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Beach London
20 Cheshire Street,
E2 6EH London, United Kingdom
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