April 02, 2012

Tabatha McGurr x Married to the MOB - Tabatha Book

Married to the MOB is releasing it's first publication featuring the work and musings of artist/writer Tabatha McGurr. It takes on the form of a highly elaborate scrapbook for adults, with eye-catching collages, colorful doodles, lustful notes, and short stories populating its vivid pages - all which transport readers to an aesthetic realm they've never experienced before. Tabatha's realm!

"Tabatha is modest about her talents, I don't even know if she is aware of them, which is why I pushed her to make her work public in this book" said Leah McSweeney, owner of MTTM.

With creative direction by the New York Art Department and printing by Proof 7, the 100 page (8 1/2 x 6 inch) book is composed of vibrant photos, illustrations, text, and numerous collages - one which is printed on sticker paper to peel out completely. It's being sold for $25 exclusively through Colette, The Hole Shop, and Married to the Mob's online store, with a book signing event and reception to launch the project at The Hole shop & gallery, Tuesday April 10th. Pre-order your signed copies through MTTMNYC.COM now!

(Event is 21+ & RSVP only, stay tuned for flyer to come...)


Tabatha McGurr is a 21-year-old writer and artist hailing from New York City. Although she was born in the South of France, her eccentric parents quickly whisked her away to the louder shores of Brooklyn. Her mom, author C.C. McGurr, and dad, fabled graffiti artist Leonard "FUTURA" McGurr, exposed her to a whirlwind of creative expression and visual indulgence since childhood, all which helped shape her unique perspectives.

After graduating from Murry Bergtraum & City As School in Manhattan, she began working full-time for friend and mentor-figure Leah McSweeney, founder and owner of Married to the Mob.

Tabatha took on the role as a writer for the brand's blog, Mob Living, and quickly attracted a cult following, many of whom connected with her brutal honesty and street-savvy point of views. Fast forward four years and she's still running the site along with assorted freelance jobs, including an advice column in Complex and regular contributions to WESC's quarterly magazine.

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