April 05, 2012

That's my Ride Bro - Custom Van Art Show at Grass Hut Art Market

That's my Ride Bro

"That's my Ride Bro" is a collection of paintings and sculptures inspired by the custom van culture. Weather it's a diamond shaped bubble window, a painting of majestic bear nursing a human baby on the side, or even the Bookmobile, a custom van is a beautiful thing. Come see "That's my Ride Bro" and renew your love of the van.

Hilary Pfeifer, Bwana Spoons, Scrappers, Martin Ontiveros, Meredith Dittmar, Brett Superstar, Eatcho, Adrian Vita, Aaron Barker, Chelsea Fletcher, Caleb Highley, Tripper Dungan, Steve Mathews, And Shawn Wolfe

Opening Thursday April 5th, 6-9 pm
Show runs from April 5th to may 1st

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Grass Hut Art Market
400 NW Couch street
Portland, OR 97209
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