May 19, 2012

Dame "Click Clack" at Ironlak Los Angeles

Click Clack

Opens: May 19, 2012 | 7-11pm
Runs: May 19 – June 13, 2012

Ironlak LA is very proud to announce that our next Art exhibit is a two part show entitled "CLICK CLACK".

Featuring New works and installations by DAME and TRAV (both well known, active members of The Seventh Letter and MSK Crew)

DAME opens the first half of this Duo show on Saturday May 19th @ 7PM and will be featuring a very fresh line up of Musical performances (including DJ EXILE and Neu Girl) to accompany the New Works and Installs. The final half of this exciting show opens Saturday June 16th, also at 7PM and will contain TRAVs contributions, more exciting musical performances and a whole building full of fresh works and LE items.

DAME, a prolific graffiti writer and contemporary artist from Los Angeles, has been painting in the streets for more than 20 years. He is among the longest-standing members of internationally renowned AWR and MSK crews. DAME’s graffiti pieces are a kaleidoscope of color and shapes, reflecting a myriad of inspirations. DAME’s collectible art, derived from his street work, is often rendered in spray paint, acrylic and several coats of high-gloss resin.

TRAV, a habitual daydreamer since childhood, has always had a focus on making art. Graffiti began to take over TRAV’s life in 1997. Apathetic to formal education, TRAV dropped out of school to discover opportunities within the world of graffiti. In 2001, TRAV joined The Seventh Letter and MSK. TRAV’s style of work is a digital, yet organic fusion of text and textures.

CLICK CLACK, co-presented by The Seventh Letter - an international collective of artists, uniquely explores the relationship between graffiti and fine art, and gives a new life to street graffiti. 
Exhibit curator Emerald Brooke explains, “The purpose of the CLICK CLACK shows is to examine graffiti - an art form that may traditionally only be viewed in person or in photos, which also has an undetermined life in the public realm - and give it a new, longer-lasting life in a completely new context.”

In addition to the gallery exhibit, the first CLICK CLACK opening will feature musical performances and sets by Mr. Chinn, Virgill, Sunny Phono, DJ Neu Girl of Melbourne, Australia, and Exile and Johaz as Dag Savage aka Dirty Science.

Ironlak Los Angeles

5125 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, Ca. 90027 USA.
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