May 31, 2012

David Abir: REVIEW: DETAILS FROM RUIN TO RENEW Curated by Simmy Swinder

David Abir

Curated by Simmy Swinder

June 1 – July 14, 2012
Opening Reception: Friday, June 1, 6-9pm

TEKRAR is a multi-level monument containing numerous environments and sculptures. Using synesthetic techniques to sculpt space and experience, the monument conveys a self-contained and regenerating system.

REVIEW: DETAILS FROM RUIN TO RENEW, examines how this process developed, and hints to where it exponentially will lead.

RUIN, produced for Art Platform Los Angeles, in association with Cottelston Advisers, consists of TEKRAR LEVEL FOUR, the crown of the TEKRAR monument. The sculpture, which emulates the anatomical structure of the human ear, uses sound - in the form of re-composed western and eastern classical music, lighting, and basic construction materials to create an emotional response in both external and internal space. RENEW presented by Actual Size Gallery, furthered the concept by incorporating two sculptures CHAMBER NO. 2 and INTERSECT NO. 1 built within a larger structure that filled the entire space.

For this exhibition, the site-specific installation was fragmented, and re-contextualized as three individual freestanding sculptures. Placed in tandem with the existing work, the interrelation between the sonic, architectural and visual elements serves as an introduction to the project at its germinal level; portraying the sculptures as archaeological relics and

Implying a greater history of a monument that once stood, or has yet to be realized.

LA Mart
1933 S Broadway, Lower Level
Los Angeles, CA 90007
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