May 10, 2012

Erin Garcia "Stacks" solo show at THIS Los Angeles

Erin Garcia

Opening Friday May 11th, 2012

We are really excited to present the first solo show for our great friend Erin Garcia. It's looking amazing so far! The opening night is this Friday May 11th, 7-10pm, and you should check out more at his website We will also have a limited edition print and a t shirt for sale designed by Erin and awesome grey totes to give away to the first 100 people. See you soon..

Artist's Statement:

I draw shapes.
Then stack shapes on shapes.
Then place stacks of shapes with stacks of shapes. These drawings explore the interaction of simple elements. These elements -- often repeating and oblique -- convey rhythm and movement as they cascade downward, slowly step, slide, bump, and jump to an unseen ground. Some feel like towering monuments with almost human interactions while others are constantly sprawling masses that block out the landscape. My intention is to not only explore the Stacks as subjects but also identify techniques to execute and convey them. I draw freehand with a variety of ink, acrylic, and KRINK, a very permanent quick drying marker, on various paper and surfaces that range from newsprint to entire walls. Line weight, saturation, and the clean intersection of elements is a focus while small imperfections such as paper tears and ink bleed are kept as a component of the drawing process.

Each drawing is an attempt to show the optimum balance of element interaction and technical execution. For my upcoming show at THIS gallery I have drawn hundreds of stacks to fully explore the interaction of shapes as well as their relationship with execution and imperfection. I've culled this mass to only 20 drawings that not only fully embody the principles and rules that I am looking to express but also illustrates the development of the idea. My ambition is to expand these initial ideas to mural size while maintaining freehand execution as well as further explore the interaction of shapes and stacks by bringing them off the page and into real life as objects and structures.

THIS los angeles
5906 N. Figueroa st.
LA, CA 90042
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