May 30, 2012

Erms "Everything Begins with an E" solo exhibition at Art-el Gallery

Everything Begins with an E

1st - 22nd June 2012
Opening: 1st June 6-9:30pm

Art-el Gallery is delighted to announce 'Everything Begins with an E', a new body of work from the Graffiti writer and illustrator Erms.

UK born but now based in Paris, he continues to be active in the Parisian graffiti scene.

Taking diverse influence from classical New York and European graffiti, renaissance art through to pop art, traditional graphic design and illustration, the 80s Hip Hop movement and beyond. Erms takes us on a unique aesthetic exploration of the alphabet, of complex patterns, grids and graphic style.

The title for the show is inspired by the famous Rave track of the same name. It also plays with the first letter of the artists tag as well as having intrinsic links to the rave scene.

The theme highlights the dangers of both of these pursuits that become all-consuming, and when taken to the extreme, the darker elements begin to appear...

This is the artist's first UK solo exhibition since 2009 in the UK.

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Art-el Gallery
The College, Marksbury Road
Bristol BS3 5JJ UK
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