May 24, 2012

& Friends at Galerie Le Feuvre

“...& FRIENDS”

Gallery LE FEUVRE invites nine important contemporary street artists
to show their work from 24 May until 24 June 2012 :


For its important show of the season, Gallery LE FEUVRE shows a broad panorama of contemporary art, deriving from the international street art scene. On show are emblematic artists, each having created their
own universe and specific style.

Together with the gallery’s regular artists like Alexöne Dizac, MIST, JonOne, Invader or the brasilian Titi Freak, four important names in the international street art movement are invited to expose their recent works. Three of the artists have never been on show in France : like the German STOHEAD, with his personal tags and his « Throw ups » (large two dimensional works) as two English artists Mr JAGO with his abstract painting deriving from graffitti and SICKBOY, the « neo-psychedelic-cosmic-abstract-expressionnist-artist » with his unique universe and his well known logo of a red and golden temple.

NIELS ‘SHOE’ MEULMAN, the fourth invite, a visual artist, inventor of calligraffiti, graffic designer and artistic director, has become a real graffiti legend.

Through this show Gallery LE FEUVRE intensifies its focus on an international program of high quality. At the same time the gallery continues working with its artists which they have been supporting from the beginning. Eventhough street art is a global movement, the sensitivity of collectors differ from country to country. Franck LE FEUVRE would like french collectors to discover new talents whoms work correspond to the french taste and sensitivity.

Galerie Le Feuvre
164 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré
75008 Paris, France
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