May 03, 2012

Futro Fantastic at FIFTY24PDX Gallery

Futro Fantastic

May 3-31, 2012

Futro is a conglomerate of artists encompassing multiple visual and audio realms. Sparked by the concept of pulling retro inspiration towards the hope and dreams of the future, Futro results in an ever-present creative now. The output of each member is connected to the whole, embodied via a quest to share individual skills and talents in order to progress and further the output of the group as a single entity. This collaborative approach will be on display in the upcoming show Futro Fantastic.

The focus of the show is to combine the visual elements of the Futro collective in one setting, allowing them to complement each other. Through the use of many styles and forms of media, what could be casually seen as a disjointed collection of art will be viewed as compatible and coherent within the unifying theme of Futro.

Futro Record’s latest music video for Serious Business’ song, “New Licks” (directed by Chris Diana-Peebles and Hari Ziznewski), will be released as part of the opening of the show. It will continue to be a presence throughout the month via the Futro Kit 1.0 USB, which will allow patrons to explore the video and other cyber media of Futro. Alex Boyce’s creation “TVthing” will further this interaction as a physical means of altering and playing with the videos. Futro Fantastic will provide a visually stimulating representation of the world of Futro Records.

Futro Fantastic opens Thursday May 3, 2012 from 6-10pm. All artists will be in attendance. Beverages graciously provided by Red Hook and Viso. Music by Futro DJs.

FIFTY 24PDX Gallery

23 NW 5th Ave, Portland,
OR 97209

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