May 16, 2012

Graffiti Art magazine Issue 15

Graffiti Art Magazine #15

Graffiti Art magazine has published a couple of weeks ago its very first special issue "Le Guide de l'art contemporain urbain 2012" (unfortunately only in French) and already release its latest issue, the GA#15. Spring is here!

So here is our new issue of Graffiti Art with a cover that smells Spring. We hope you appreciate our selection: duo Faile, American street art pionneers; the master of contemporary art Jacques Villeglé; Zevs, an artist between graffiti and contemporary art, above all against advertising, Conor Harrington, the new genious; Pro179 who left Paris for painting in Valencia; Remed, poetry, muralism and spirituality and ECB we dream about new cities thanks to his grey scales murals. More? A special on edition screenprint to follow the best artists and studios.

To follow all the news of the Urban Contemporary Art, to order old issues and to get a subscription to the paper magazine
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