May 03, 2012

Justin Angelos "Heros & Zeros" at Stripe MEN

Justin Angelos
Heros & Zeros

Opening Reception: May 4th 5-8pm

As a boy our idols are the athletes, movie stars and musicians who seem to have it all. Placed on a pedestal by a media driven culture, these so called heroes are much more than the image, the voice or the sporting achievement they have shared with the world. With magazines being replaced by the internet and the constant drone of 24 hour news and sports on television we have now been given the opportunity to watch the stars tumble from orbit and crash to earth and virtual nobodies rise to icon status overnight.

A Heisman Trophy winner becomes a murderer, a little boy builds an arcade from cardboard and becomes a star and a matinee idol saves the world on screen becomes a Governor then reveals a hidden past. Life and people are complicated and often not what they seem on the surface.

In the blink of an eye a Hero can fall and a Zero can rise.

Harvesting images from long forgotten sources this recent work explores a new world where the inhabitants spring from the pages of men’s magazines, thrift stores and estate sale finds to take on new forms.

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Stripe MEN
107 Walnut Ave,
Santa Cruz, 95060
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