May 16, 2012

Mishka Presents "Stolen Souls" A photography exhibition

Stolen Souls
A photography exhibition curated by Royce Bannon

Friday May 18th, 2012, 7-10PM

Though soul thieves would seem to be a pretty obvious career progression for us, you’ll notice that Stolen Souls is actually something far better than us rending you from your eternal mortality without your consent. It’s a fantastically gorgeous photography show coming to 350 Broadway next week. In fact, it’s a group photo show, the very first one we’ve ever hosted. Since our last Royce Bannon curated show, While You Were Sleeping, did so well, we decided to let him take the reins again for Stolen Souls.

Putting together his list of 13 artists, Royce focused on finding creators “who are skilled at capturing their subjects at just the right moment, without using parlor tricks and manipulation like Photoshop.” The title of the show, of course, refers to the old idea that the camera lens can seize the soul of its subjects. Pretty metal. From Don Morris to Last Witness, Russell King to Jazzmine Beaulieu, and 9 others, the walls of 350 Broadway will be chock full of images beautiful, bizarre, and everything in between. See you there, and hit the jump to check out the full list of artists.

Don Morris
Destiny Mata
Roxana Hurtado
Curt Hoppe
Last X Witness
Julie Miller
Jazzmine Beaulieu
Bruce Labounty
Russell King
Carly Rablais
Rebecca Fuller
Dylan Evans
Erika "Saki" Sequeira

FB Event

Мишка NYC
350 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY

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L to Lorimer
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