May 08, 2012

MisterTheFreak and FAIF "Santa Teresa Hotel - Room 479" exhibition at Tony's Gallery

MisterTheFreak and FAIF
Santa Teresa Hotel 'Room 479'

12th May – 10th June 2012
Opening: Friday 11th May 6-9pm

Tonyʼs Gallery is delighted to present ‘Santa Teresa Hotel – Room 479’, an exhibition by MisterTheFreak & Faif - a Spanish street art duo who are bringing for the first time in the UK their unique mixture of styles to London. For this exhibition, the artists have created an installation examining the nature of isolation and the notion that ‘happiness is only real when shared’. Alongside the main installation, Tony’s Gallery is making available a number of original prints and canvases.

The viewer is invited to enter ‘Room 479’, a deserted storage space at the Santa Teresa Hotel in Cancun, to experience the bizarre vignette of an unknown man who has been locked inside. The placement of cheerful and playful objects and costumes, originally created to entertain, take on a more ominous tone when one is left ‘alone with the shadows’. The costumes loom over this desolate, tenebrous and almost psychedelic colourful space enticing the viewer closer. Ambient noises drift up from the bar downstairs but the viewer, along with the protagonist of the artist’s story, remains cut off in the immersive environment of the room. An alarm clock is stopped at 04:79. A ping pong game is set up and awaiting players.

The major focus of the installation, the entertainer’s costumes, consists of hand made felt body suits with intricate designs: a skeleton; a zebra; a furry bear; a naked lady; ‘My Little Pony’ toy; a tree; and Manolo and Jualo (typical Spanish boys). At first the costumes look as if they are playful and a bit of fun and yet they evoke the powerful emotion of a man’s desire to share the joy these objects represent, and a longing that is subverted by isolation.

David Méndez Alonso (MisterTheFreak) and Pau Sampera (Faif) come from a new generation of visual artists, influenced by an amalgamation of graphic design and fine art spanning Swiss Style to Memphis and crossing roads with graffiti, American cartoons and current illustration trends. Together they bring a new visual approach and language to illustration using abstraction of shapes, color and ideas. Méndez has presented several solo exhibitions in European galleries and art fairs, including ARCO 2012 (Madrid), DNA gallery (Berlin) and MUTT gallery (Barcelona). Sampera who is still currently studying Fine Art at The University of Barcelona has painted a number of murals in several festivals including the Open Walls festival in Galicia and has been included in group exhibitions in Spain. Both artists are have been widely published in magazines and take on private and public commissions over the world.

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