May 12, 2012

See You In Hell 2 at MF Gallery

See You In Hell 2

Opening Saturday May 12th, 7-10pm

Just before 6-6-06, MF Gallery welcomed the "end of the world" with an apocalyptic group show called "See You In Hell"... Now, as we prepare for the "end" of the Mayan calendar, MF Gallery has put together another group show of apocalyptic proportions...

Over 50 of the best underground pop artists from around the world were asked to submit artwork. The pieces exhibited are their interpretations of the themes of "apocalypse", "end/ beginning", “rebirth” etc...

Artists include: Drew Maillard, Moses Jaen, Enrico Macchiavello, Angie Mason, Shannon Daugherty, Johanna O'Donnell, Kirsten Flaherty, Dave Brockie, Fernando Carpaneda, Michael Nirenberg, Jeff Owens, Greg Maillard, Alexandre Boisseau, Christina Graf, Angel "Mud" Perez, Scarecrowoven, Mark Elliott, Bruce Parker, John Russo, Phillo Cremisi, Erica Doll, Nathaniel Groppe, Brian Griffin, Bianca Panzram, Pasquale Reca, Alex Kirzhner, Mal Ojo, John Weisgerber, Daniel Caspera, Matthew Pleva, Rodrigo Melo, Joanna Mulder, Eric Richardson, Anna Melo, Cory Benhatzel, Jeff Zornow, Annie Hunter, Edward Cao, Corey Urlacher, Vinney Cavallo, Lawrence Van Abbema, Frank Russo, PJ McQuade, Heather Gargon, Davis Bradley, Martina Secondo Russo, The Death Head & more!

The show will open on Saturday, May 12th from 7 to 10pm. Many of the artists will be in attendance at the reception. Admission is free and open to all ages and refreshments will be served.

All of the art in “See You In Hell 2” will also be available for viewing and purchasing online.

MF Gallery is located at 213 Bond Street, between Butler and Baltic Streets in the Gowanus area of Brooklyn, NY. Take the A or G to Hoyt/ Schermerhorn, the F or G to Bergen, or the R to Union.

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MF Gallery

213 Bond Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217
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