May 24, 2012

Sneaker Freaker x Akomplice

Akomplice’s latest collaborative effort comes in conjunction with heralded European sneaker publication, Sneaker Freaker Germany. This marks the third magazine based collaborative incarnation for Akomplice who have projects with Frank 151 and DIME under their belt. The finished product from Akomplice x Sneaker Freaker Germany comes in the form of a co-branded t-shirt that pays homage to some of the most feted kicks in history. The text on the tee, as well as the shoelaces makes use of Akomplice’s hyperlight material that alters color when exposed to sunlight. The thematic mainstay of the collaboration is that taste lies in the tongue of the beholder, and one can rest assured the project will suit the taste of Akomplice and Sneaker Freaker devotees alike.

The first 12 ordered from both Sneaker Freaker and Akomplice alike come bundled in a miniature red shoebox. The collab will see an extremely limited production run of just 50 units in the United States, and 50 in Europe. The project will release at the same time in both Europe and the U.S. on May 25th at 12am German time and May 24th at 6pm EST. The project will be available at Akomplice in-store and online as well as the Sneaker Freaker Germany web-store.

Price Tag: $32.00 USD
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