May 24, 2012

Tilt "Agnostic Fonts" exhibition at Montana Gallery Barcelona

Agnostic Fonts

May 25 - July 7, 2012
Opening: Thursday, May 24, 8pm

TILT has left his mark in the same number of countries in the world as the number of years he has been painting, which amounts to over two decades. A self-declared graffiti addict, he uses throw-ups as a form of simple and efficient calligraphy with which he decorates walls and urban areas in the city, as well creating an aesthetic identity which has marked his work within exhibition spaces. His graphic style has revolved around popular cartoons and elements from the audiovisual pop culture.

In 2010, after his individual exhibitions in Paris, Montpellier, and his collectives throughout Europe, in 2011 Tilt participated in the ‘Pictures on Walls’ program as well as the collective ‘Santa’s Ghetto’ exposition which Banksy organizes each year.

Maintaining his loyalty to Montana Colors, this year, 2012, he has chosen Montana Gallery Barcelona as the location for his first individual exposition in Spain. In stained glass, the French artist has found a new medium on which to present his distinctive bubble letters. Mixing paintings on methacrylate and drawings with Colorex, Tilt manages to create illusions of light which bring a new air to his work.

Montana Gallery

C/ Comerç, 6
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