June 01, 2012

Adam James Turnbull "Personality" exhibition at China Heights Gallery

Adam James Turnbull
Personality - The pattern of collected character

Opens Friday June 1, 6pm

China Heights is proud to present 'Personality', a new collection of works by Adam James Turnbull that attempts to represent the many layers of individual personality through the use of colours, textures, lines and shapes.

Using pigment liners, spray paint, fine line pens, Turnbull has created multimedia works on paper while on residence in Akumal, Mexico. The concept of the series was envisaged after Turnbull begun researching the makeup of personality, ones inner conscious and the public perception that follows, by conducting a series of personality tests and researching multiple personality theories.

Through 'Personality', Turnbull seeks the insight of the spectator to find out how others see us, how they remember us and what their understanding of our personality is. What he discovers is: as living beings acting on impulse without a discernible pattern, our personality can never be fixed. Ultimately it is the characteristics we display on the surface that make up others’ minds of who we truly are.

China Heights Gallery
3, 16-28 Foster St
Surry Hills 2010, AU
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