June 12, 2012

Jon Vaughn "Crypt of Life II" at Blim Gallery

Jon Vaughn
Crypt of Life II

Opening Reception June 15th 8p -11p

with live visuals and DJ sets by:

Shawna McLellan
Tomas Jirku
Dreamaniac (AKA Jon Vaughn)

Artist Bio:

Jon Vaughn is an audio and visual artist born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada in 1981. He considers his sound work and drawings and installations a total body of work that is informed by his extensive education both academic and self-directed, while in staying faithful to his naive and sometimes playfully absurd intuition. The content of his work is often loaded with personal mythologies related to his cultural education in the 1980s. In what has been a profoundly illuminating year for the artist, 2012 has seen his work turn towards evoking modern and ancient art, infographics, and the transcribing of images that have come to him in dreams. He graduated from the University of Saskatchewan in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Art History. Vaughn also frequently works in collaboration with partner Carrie Gates in an electronic audio and visual performance duo and in bands with various friends in Saskatoon and across Canada.

FB Event

Blim Gallery
115 E. Pender Street,
Vancouver, BC V6A 1T6
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