June 06, 2012

Public Provocations IV / Urban Art Show


June - October 2012 / Tue-Fri 2-6 pm / Sat 12-6 pm
Opening Saturday on June 9th, 2012 at 7 pm / The artists will be on site.

A1one (IR) / Bezt (PL) / Czarnobyl (PL) / Dave The Chimp (GB) / Eme (ES) / Honet (FR) / JEF AEROSOL (FR) / Klaas Van der Linden (BE) / Maoma (NL) / Marco Zamora (US) / SatOne (DE) / Tasso (DE) / The London Police (NL)

«PUBLIC PROVOCATIONS» the exhibition for urban art, will be opening in the Carhartt Gallery on June 9th, 2012 at 7 pm. Urban discipline is one of the most contemporary art directions and appears to be more vibrant and creative than ever. Fresh talents and continuously developing masters will be presenting an interdisciplinary variety of individual directions of styles and design vocabulary. After the exhibition Public Provocations III had been announced best group in urban art 2011, the Carhartt Gallery team accepted the challenge and created an exhibition that will clearly mirror the true pulse, creativity and power.

The Carhartt Gallery is the gallery for contemporary urban art in the tri-border region of Basel. The public space is the forum for not only provocation but also for individuality. More and more the physical limits are dissolving and new spaces are being conquered - the gallery walls. Lately, the tools for this are not only the classic spraycan, but also paintbrush, acryl, oil, chalks, markers or mixed media installations. The 300sqm large Carhartt Gallery is, internationally seen, one of the biggest galleries for urban art. Up till 2010 the curator was Sigi Keoding (DARE) who put great effort into preparing the grounds for this direction of art. The gallery has been under the auspices of Stefan Winterle since 2011 and unites all disciplines, as it has always been the tradition : Well-known and less known names with a high aspect of quality.

PUBLIC PROVOCATIONS IV shows the beginning of a provocation and what becomes of it. A single artistic language, being more contemporary than ever, finding itself not only in galleries but even making its way into museums. A cross section of the current works of the scene is exhibited, concentrating on displaying the true pulse, creativity and power of the art. PUBLIC PROVOCATIONS IV feeds on colours and their performers – international legends and explosive young talents from Europe, the US or right up to the Middle East. This kind of art and expression with its urban origin, combined with much character and authenticity, minds both its provocative and its inspiring side. A vibrant and unique exhibition that can be experienced from June till October 2012 in the Carhartt Gallery in Weil am Rhein (DE).

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Carhartt Gallery
Schusterinsel 9,
D-79576 Weil am Rhein,

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