July 18, 2012

Incase x Andy Warhol 2012 Summer Collection

Incase and The Andy Warhol Foundation are proud to introduce the latest additions to the Incase for Andy Warhol Collection. Now in its fifth installment, the new releases include tote bags and cases for iPhone 4S, iPad and MacBook featuring an image from Warhol’s breakout film, Chelsea Girls, his playful So Many Stars illustration, a revealing self portrait from his Photobooth series and a new version of the iconic Cow Wallpaper.

During the 1960s Andy Warhol focused more on making films, including the controversial 1966 Chelsea Girls. An amalgam of semi-scripted and unscripted scenes complete with crude sound and camerawork, Chelsea Girls often resembles a raw prototype for today’s reality television. Warhol claimed he was “just photographing what happens” in his movies, however with Chelsea Girls, Warhol delivered “reality” through his own unique vision. The unblinking display of sex and drugs drove the film’s notoriety, but stylistically Chelsea Girls is a kinetic revelation that evolves from black and white to full color, with fragmented scenes depicted on a split screen. Our four-piece product series pays homage to Warhol’s famed film, with bags and cases for iPhone 4S, iPad and MacBook.

The updated Cow Wallpaper product range features Warhol’s groundbreaking screenprint in a new bold yellow hue on premium denim fabric. His 1966 Cow Wallpaper opened an intriguing new avenue for creative expression. Warhol transformed an ordinary photo of a docile cow into a whimsical subject by using striking colors in his signature silkscreen process.

While much of Warhol’s most recognizable artwork is silkscreened prints, many of his early works are ink illustrations. So Many Stars (circa 1958) reveals a playful side to his art that continued to evolve throughout his career. The sprightly artistry has been applied to Incase’s signature Snap Case for a lighthearted, expressive option for iPhone 4S.

Warhol’s experimental portrait photography in photo booths provided the basis for some of his most beloved silkscreen works. With the booth’s privacy curtain drawn and photos automatically shot by a machine, the subject could feel liberated to reveal his or her essence instead of being self-conscious in front of a human photographer. In the selection of photo strips chosen for this collection, Warhol himself is the photo booth’s subject. The strip image is serially repeated on the Photobooth Snap Case for iPhone 4S in keeping with one of the artist’s hallmark techniques.

The new Incase for Andy Warhol series is available now at goincase.com

To learn and see more, visit goincase.com/warhol.
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