July 17, 2012

Justin Fry and Cody Comrie "Booze and Emotions" at RTIST Gallery

Justin Fry and Cody Comrie
Booze and Emotions

Opening night to 7PM Friday 20th of July followed by an after party from theBowery.

The show runs through until Sunday 5th of August.

The Bowery along with RTIST gallery present the Booze and Emotions art show. Showcasing works created by L.A. based artists Justin Fry and Cody Comrie.

The artists were given the line "booze and emotion is a hell of a cocktail" for the inspiration of the created works. The show itself encompasses both separate and combined mixed media pieces based around the themes that identify with alcohol and emotions, with animals and skeletons being used as strong motifs.

Justin and Cody are both contributors to theBowery and part of the SWB collective out of Silverlake, California as well as being largely recognised artists and designers for the skateboard and snowboard industries with notable contributions to KR3W, SUPRA and Ashbury.

Rtist Gallery
29 St.Edmonds Rd,
Prahran, Victoria, Australia
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