July 13, 2012

Klebstoff #4

Klebstoff #4
To Glue after Reading

Woohoo, the new magazine, which is just made out of stickers, is celebrating it's 4th issue. Klebstoff is a bit bigger than a CD Cover and been printed on thick, exquisit Vinyl Stickerpaper.

Each page, cover inclusive, was individually pierced so that you can use the stickers after reading wherever your heart feels to post them on the right place. This issue with 44 pages, presents the work from several styled artists all over the globe.

These are the Artists:

GR170 (SPA), David Kyryn (CZE), King Pritt (ITA), Dvd Boring (SWE), Thomas Judisch (GER), FTW gentlemen’s club (GER), Romibello (GER), PAU MF (SPA), Antipreneur (GER), Freshco (NED), Christiane Haas (GER), Chris Magnusson (SWE), Johannes Mundinger (GER), Cactus (SWE), Sebastian Schwamm (GER), 455ER L.A. (USA), Mr. Impact (GER), Roberto Voorbij (NED), Joseph Ernst (UK)

Klebstoff #4 Stickermagazine

Publisher: Matthias Speck & Wildsmile Studios
Release: June, 2012
Size: 44 Sites
Dimensions: 15 cm x 15 cm
Retail price: 9.90€ (order here)
Language: English
Specials: 199 stickers inside
Circulation: limited to 1000 hand numbered copies
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