July 01, 2012

Corey Helford Gallery presents "LETTERS FROM AMERICA" RISK, Ron English, SABER, and TrustoCorp

RISK, Ron English, SABER, and TrustoCorp

Celebrated graffiti and street artists from the US invade London for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games

Opening June 30, 2012
Outdoor installations at the London Pleasure Gardens

Opening July 4, 2012
Gallery Exhibition at Black Rat Gallery

Let the games begin! This summer, London celebrates the sport of art with the arrival of the United States’ most celebrated and prolific graffiti and street artists for “LETTERS FROM AMERICA.” Presented by Culver City-based Corey Helford Gallery, the project launches on June 30 with outdoor installations at the London Pleasure Gardens followed by a gallery exhibition at Shoreditch’s Black Rat Gallery on July 4.

The gateway to the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, the London Pleasure Gardens is a multi-platform, cul- tural destination that will host site-specific outdoor installations by legendary Los Angeles graffiti writer RISK, renowned street artist and master pop surrealist painter Ron English and guerrilla art collective TrustoCorp. They will be joined by art luminaries from around the world to salute the launch of the Pleasure Gardens.

Highlights include:

• Internationally-known for his bus installation at MoCA’s 2011 graffiti and street art survey “Art in the Streets,” RISK returns to the driver’s seat to vandalize a bus and the nose of a military bomber aircraft.

•New York artist Ron English lands in London to paint a custom billboard.

•TrustoCorp hits the ground to paint a largescale mural and series of signs that will be on view throughout the Pleasure Gardens.

“LETTERS FROM AMERICA” continues its UK invasion with an all-American Independence Day celebration on Wednesday, July 4 at Black Rat Gallery. The exhibition transforms the London tunnel into a bunker of America’s most wanted artists, showcasing new works from RISK, Ron English, SABER, and TrustoCorp. Gallerists Jan and Bruce Helford add, “Corey Helford Gallery is proud to be bringing U.S. artists to a UK project of this “Olympian” scale and finishing with a celebration of four of the top U.S. street and graffiti artists - RISK, Ron English, Saber and TrustoCorp - in a gallery that’s been home to some of the finest street artists in the world, Black Rat Gallery.”

The exhibition of paintings and sculptures will feature an original Bob’s Big Boy statue customized by RISK, as well as SABER’s famous flag series, which serves as a commentary about the National Healthcare System and his personal challenges with it. For the show, SABER will unveil first Union Flag piece, titled “The Flag Of The National Healthcare System.” “Quite literally, I paint for my life,” he says. “Every painting I touch, I try to envision my pieces on a travel into the future as a record of the great emotional value as well as artistic merit that can only be matched by someone living under such extreme conditions during these tumultuous times. I only hope that after I am gone, these pieces will be hung on the walls of a different era where we as nations care more about nurturing its citizens than perpetuating the system of profit over life.”

The opening reception for “LETTERS FROM AMERICA” at the London Pleasure Gardens is free and open to the public. Outdoor installations will be on view until December 2013. The opening reception at Black Rat Gallery is private and by invitation only. All of the artists will be in attendance on opening night, and the show runs through July 18, 2012.

London Pleasure Gardens

Gate 1 North Woolwich Rd
London E16 2BS

Black Rat Gallery

Through Cargo Garden
Arch 461, 83
Rivington Street
London EC2A 3AY
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