July 12, 2012

Thom Lessner & William Emmert "Summer Slam" at Guerrero Gallery

Thom Lessner & William Emmert
Summer Slam

Opening Reception: Saturday, July 14th | 7pm to 11pm
Show Dates: July 14th - August 4th, 2012

Guerrero Gallery is pleased to present Summer Slam, an exhibition of new works by Thom Lessner and William Emmert. The unique works on display include paintings, painted paper sculptures, and hand sewn felt signs. Lessner’s work draws a good deal of influence from 1980s popular culture and rock bands, while Emmert’s work does so from 1990s pop culture and professional wrestling. Whether it’s references to caricatured rock gods, teenage collections, the artist studio, or hand made fan signs, the works serve as stand-ins holding the place for a desired myth while also paying homage to personal heroes.

Thom Lessner is a native Ohioan currently living in Philadelphia. Thom’s parodied renditions of 80s pop culture figures have become his signature style. Thom is an ardent skateboarder and rock n’ roll star in the costume-clad band Sweetheart. Thom has done work for and with POKETO, Shepherd Fairey, and a multitude of magazines including Thrasher, Vice, Swindle, and Spin. Thom’s works have traveled to Los Angeles, New York, and internationally. Summer Slam will be Thom’s first show in San Francisco since 2005.

William Emmert was born in 1985 and is originally from Seattle. William’s work lives in a space between the escalating expectations of the viewer and the ever decreasing plausibility those expectations will be met. What is one really looking for and why? Emmert is locked into a method of making which continues to unpack and reveal the complex relationship between the imaginary and the real. Memories serve as a gateway to create objects that function as props for a posthumous retelling of an average history made extraordinary. Emmert’s work shows the role of the fantastic in our obsession with individuality and our confusion with identity. He creates epically beautiful failures, which admittedly can’t live up to their image. William received his MFA from California College of the Arts.

Guerrero Gallery
2700 19th Street
San Francisco,

California 94110
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