September 20, 2012

Allison Torneros "Hueman Nature" exhibition at Design Matters Gallery

Allison Torneros
Hueman Nature

Opening Reception: Saturday September 22, 2012 7-10 pm

DMG is pleased to announce “Hueman Nature,” an exhibition of works by Allison Torneros. Torneros sets her gaze upon the human condition and the essential dualities that permeate our lives and consciousness. The show features collaborations with Cryptik, Justin Jackson (video projection) and Brandon "Monk" Munoz (furniture design).

There is a golden-flecked moment where the line between being asleep and being awake is opaque and blurred; there is a distinct point when something is neither grotesque nor beautiful but both; there is an celestial flash where the worlds of pleasure and pain fuse together before falling apart again. These kinds of Hueman experiences, informed by the duality of their nature, form the hallowed ground that Allison Torneros treads upon and translates onto canvas, wood, paper, and wall. She captures these Jungian flashes and lets the audience erect their own, crystalline tales. Her work is not meant to answer existential questions any more than a shooting star is meant to explain the cosmos. Yet, the microscope contains the macroscopic and back again. All and nothing is explained in the blink of an eye.

She begins by throwing paint onto a surface. Later, she returns to the piece to “read” it. During this time, she decodes the random composition as the tension and inter-play between the abstract and figurative elements develop and evolve. Drawing from comic books, graffiti, science, literature, fashion, and the paranormal, she organically creates psychedelic, ephemeral work inspired by the limitless capacity of human consciousness and dreamscapes. Always questioning what it means to be human (specifically relating to Maslow’s hierarchy of basic human needs), she trains her eye upon human psychology and the emotional landscapes that define our universe. How does one find the balance between: the profane and the sacred? Life from death? Abstraction and form? Basic need from vice and folly?

On display September 22nd through October 16th, 2012

Design Matters Gallery
11527 West Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, California 90064
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