September 15, 2012

Benjamin Demeyere "Atlantische invasion N°12" exhibition at Dama Aflita

Benjamin Demeyere
Atlantische invasion Nº 12

September 15 - October 27, 2012
Opening: September 15, 2012 at 5pm

For this show in Dama Aflita called ‘atlantische invasion N°12’ Benjamin makes some 50 drawings representing different persons or creatures floating on a boat, ready to invade Porto. All the works will be 16 x 21 cm packaged in a plastic bag.

Benjamin Demeyere also own together with Ria Schulpen (Bries editions) a little graphic gallery in Antwerpen called The Bries Space. Benjamin will take in his luggage’s works of artists connected to this gallery: Rémy Poncet, Warre Mulder, Natasja Baans, Jango Jim, Isabelle Vandenabeele, Nick Andrews, Ana Albero, Ephameron, Dorothée Van Biesen, Kottie Paloma, Carolin Löbbert, Sacha Eckes & Laurent Impeduglia

Benjamin Demeyere was born in Mouscron, Belgium, in april, 1969… that same year, a man’s foot was set on the moon. For a different reason, he chose really early to express his feelings through painting. After his studies at the Royal Academy of fine Arts in Antwerpen (Belgium) in 1993, he started to expose on various locations, in and out of Belgium.

Doing so, he followed some af his previous masters: Rubens and Van Eyck for their accuracy and their love of the technique, Magritte for his research for falsifying reality, Jean Brusselmans, Floris Jespers, Edgar Tijdgat and Gust De Smet for the power of their pictures. His painting is at the same time figurative and narrative, but always gives the spectator a great freedom of interpretation.

No dogma to be found there, but the need to express himself through the image. A need to build new pictures from lines and colours, but also giving a new value to lost images. Benjamin takes old pictures, letters or old documents, most of the times anonymous, make them his, in order to give them a new life…

Galeria Dama Aflita
Rua da Picaria 84,
4050-477 Porto

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