September 21, 2012

BSA Presents GEOMETRICKS Curated by Hellbent

The Vandal or Visionary Series presented by BSA
GEOMETRICKS Curated by Hellbent

September 22 – October 28, 2012
Opening Reception: Saturday, September 22, 2012
6 pm – 9 pm

GEOMETRICKS turns the spotlight on the movement on the streets that boasts bold color, wild patterning, sophisticated lineplay, and a modern approach to abstraction.

As the stylistic circle widens on the street, GEOMETRICKS grabs a razor-sharp cross section of the growing number of graffiti artists who depart from traditional forms of lettering, Street Artists who are not interested in Pop-inspired icons or irony, and fine artists who never considered the “rules” of the street to begin with.

GEOMETRICKS references modernists, tribalists, and the rhythmic symmetry of the natural world, with it’s hexagons and spirals and comforting repetitions. Old labels about graffiti and Street Art mean little; this group takes the formalist clarity that references geometry, folk art, and science, and often smashes it with an abstract hammer.

Parallel, perpendicular, rigid, curvilinear; lines and shapes intersect and play off color-rich pattern – challenging the shape, form and expectations of many in the Street Art scene. GEOMETRICKS show how graff and Street Art right now are exploding in a new direction together without first asking for permission, again advancing the conversation of art on the streets.

I’m stoked to be able put together this GEOMETRICKS show with some artists who I’ve really admired for a long time as well as some of the new players on the scene. This show is a great opportunity for me to create a vision and really put a dream team of artists into one room and show people what I am diggin’ right now.” - Hellbent

With sound provider SLEPTEMBER
Sponsored by Sixpoint Brewery

FB Event

Gallery Brooklyn
351 Van Brunt St
Red Hook
Brooklyn, NY 11231

BSA teams up with Gallery Brooklyn, Brooklyn Crab, and Sixpoint Brewery to bring you a great night in Red Hook, Brooklyn on September 22nd.

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