September 25, 2012

Dame Dash Presents: "Quality of Life" Art Exhibition at Poppington

Damon Dash presents “Quality of Life,” the opening exhibition at his new downtown factory, Poppington, located at 60 Orchard Street, in the lower east side. The multi-disciplinary space provides artists, graphic designers, and musicians a place to come together and realize their creative visions. This first show highlights some on New York’s hottest contemporary street artists exhibiting a more refined side of their craft, producing works on canvas and paper that showcase a quality rarely associated with the graffiti they are best known for.

While many people still perceive graffiti as a scourge on public property that diminishes everyone’s “Quality of Life”, this show hopes to offer an alternative vision. Those actively engaged in the world of street art understand and value the strenuous efforts that go into each act of creation and in turn, destruction.

These artists may become engrossed by random acts of vandalism on the public landscape, braving the night to execute their visions. What is often neglected is the fact that these writers transcend the medium of road urban art by approaching fine art with a ferocity and intensity that can only have been in the streets of New York City.

Quality of Life brings together the work of a unique group of individuals: BEAU, JIM JOE, KATSU, PHIL, PIXOTE, SABIO & WOMP.

The opening exhibition will take place on Thursday, September the 27th, 2012 at 7pm.

Curated by: David Barnett, David Chang, and BEAU.
For more information, please visit QOLNY.COM

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60 Orchard Street,
New York, NY 10002
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