September 26, 2012

NUART 2012 Festival

NUART 2012

NUART PLUS : 27/28/29 SEPT

Guests and Keynote speakers include

Carlo McCormick (US) - Tristan Manco (UK) / Ron English (US) / Saber (US) / Jordan Seiler (US) / Jon Burgerman (UK) / The Wa (FR) / RJ Rushmore (US) / Evan Pricco (US) / Kristi Guldberg (NO) / Eirik Sjåholm Knudsen (NO) / Marion Højris (DK) / John XC (NO)

Nuart is proud to announce the latest addition to what’s fast becoming one of the most talked about events on the international street art calendar.

This three-day international Street Art Summit inaugurates the new PLUS series, a component of the festival that aims to bring together the public, artists and creative professionals in an environment of exploration, innovation and discovery.

Open to the public, Nuart PLUS is a professional gathering that explores the ever-strengthening links between creativity and our urban environment. Collaborative initiatives, new practices, fluidity between artistic and commercial spheres, and new avenues of financing are all issues that define this new cultural milieu. Meanwhile, through technology and media, the reach of creative actions now spans great distances from its presenting source, a dynamic that's increasingly inspiring and influencing new works produced by artists.

Featuring a mix of keynotes, panels and presentations, the Nuart PLUS summit is a 3-day conference aimed at elaborating a cohesive view of the current trends within groundbreaking artistic mediums and proposing visions for the future.

Join us for the grand opening of this years Nuart Exhibition featuring murals, installations, film and much more from some of the worlds leading street artists.

Opens Kl 1900 SAT 29TH SEPT.

For information please see

The event is free entry.

Tickets to the evenings numusic event featuring The ORB, Lindstrøm and many others available on

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4014 Stavanger,
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