November 08, 2012

Hiro Kurata "This land was your land" solo exhibition at Ivory & Black Soho

Hiro Kurata
This land was your land

November 9 – December 7, 2012
Private reception with the artist: November 9, 6.30 – 9.00 PM


“For me, painting has been the most effective way for me to understand where I come from and who I might be.” – Hiro Kurata

Ivory & Black Soho proudly presents “This land was your land” – the first solo exhibition in London by the Japanese artist Hiro Kurata. This exhibition presents the artist’s interpretation of the traditional Western approaches to portraiture and still life – two of the most prominent genres of painting throughout the History of Art. In his paintings, Hiro is particularly interested in the symbols of wealth and power – two essential features that he uses both in portraiture and still life, from the ancient Rome to the contemporary age of celebrity. His imaginary heroes – the “Baseball sluggers” – are figures embodied of symbols that reflect the cultural and racial conflict in the modern Western Society, and his confusion between the concepts of race and culture in America.

Ivory & Black Soho
94 Berwick Street,

W1F 0QF, London UK
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