November 07, 2012

Will Lynes "Special Reserve" solo show at Kind Of — Gallery

Will Lynes
Special Reserve

Opening November 8th, 6pm.

Will’s work is reminiscent of an era and trade long past. Influenced by old original hand painted signs, Will uses modern slang, gold gilding and ageing techniques to re-create traditional signage of yester year. With references to fictional businesses and colloquialisms inspired from days gone by, Will’s work will invoke a sense of history in the gallery.

Lynes will use glass and found objects as his mediums and will create an installation to be remembered. Will has been working with glass for the last 2 years, and painting signage on boards and found objects for the last 4 years.

“ .... it was seeing all the old bars and shops with their original signage. Places in the middle of nowhere, all run down and dilapidated... still having half a gold leaf or neon sign on the window that looked like it had been there for a hundred years. You get a weird sense that there was a story or history behind it. They just had amazing character to them so I started trying to replicate that feeling.
It’s cool to do a brand new gilt or hand painted sign on a window, but there’s something nicer to me about a sign that looks like it can tell a story... good or bad.”

*A limited edition Special Reserve tee-shirt by Will Lynes, kind of — and Design Tshirts Store graniph will be released at the opening night.

Kind Of — Gallery
80 Oxford Street,
Darlinghurst, Sydney,
Australia 2010
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