January 07, 2013

Frank151 - Chapter 50: Brazil

More than ten years after founding Frank, we've finally dedicated a chapter to one of the largest, most compelling countries in the world: Brazil. From the majesty of Carnival to the infamous favelas, bustling São Paulo to the lush Amazon, there’s a rich history ingrained in everything Brazilian.

Much like we did with Samoa, Japan, the Philippines, Cuba, and many other destinations, Frank Chapter 50 foregoes the well-traveled road in favor of some of the most fascinating, yet lesser-known gems of Brazilian culture.

This chapter moves from a chaotic style of graffiti known as pixacao to beach beauties to the man who some say played better than Pelé. It also includes a jiu-jitsu lesson from Master Renzo Gracie, an essay from recording artist Criolo, the little-known history of Keith Haring's time spent working in Brazil, and much more.

Original cover design by Gustavo Garcia for Papanapa Design Studio in São Paulo.

via Frank151
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