January 03, 2013

HurtYouBad#1: Concealed Intentions

HurtYouBad#1: Concealed Intentions

HurtYouBad magazine launches with it's first issue, HurtYouBad#1: Concealed Intentions. After 10 years of unfocused meanderings HYB has finally committed to something tangible.

Conceived a decade ago by 'has beens and never was's', Hurtyoubad.com was the first blog solely focused on graffiti and the disparate elements that surround this hard to pin down subculture.

Deliberately esoteric and argumentative from the outset, HYB's varied content was curated by a select group of contributors drawn from the darkest corners of graffiti's uniquely peculiar demographic. With scant regard for aesthetics or punctuation the site inexplicably developed into a fully fledged blog with a hefty following.

Whilst some very literal ups and downs resulted from illegally piggy backing on someone else's servers, these occasional blackouts seemed, paradoxically, to create more demand and only helped further the site's renown.

HurtYouBad#1 aims to be the crystallization of a half remembered and fully inebriated mission statement: 'a graffiti magazine without graffiti'.

So, with the demise of the glossy graffiti magazines we grew up on and a desire to produce something that would appeal to the more cerebral reader, we set forth. Forget the Illuminati; the connections that graffiti affords its participants would have David Icke affording us lizard man status. This insipid infiltration of the mainstream world by writers allows us a unique insight into contemporary culture. For its debut outing HurtYouBad#1 indulges in some pig plastic surgery, talks to a couple of artists and takes a few snapshots on its travels.

With contributions from TopSafe alumni Will Robson-Scott and world-renowned graffiti writers Roid and Horfe, the magazine also features artist Will Tuck, Smart Crew, Sean Vegezzi, Gary Warnett and Stephen K Shuster, amongst others.

Thanks to his sterling services to graffiti writing with his seminal tomes Crack & Shine and Crack & Shine: International, Freddie Fraser Forsyth has well and truly earned his place in graffiti heaven. This, combined with the fact that he 'owed us one' made Freddie's London based TopSafe imprint the partner of choice for our first foray into the world of publishing.

Freddie's long time association with HurtYouBad stretches back to him using us in his fraudulent university application, and this ability to bombastically see the wider picture has proved invaluable many times since.

Available exclusively through the Topsafe store and selected retailers worldwide.

£8 + p/p
108 pages
American newsletter size
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