January 01, 2013

Jacob Dahlstrup "Dialogue On The Tides" exhibition at MOHS exhibit

Jacob Dahlstrup
Dialogue On The Tides

January 4 - February 2, 2013
Opening Reception: Saturday, January 4th, 4-9pm

The exhibition title refers to Galileo Galilei's Book "Dialogo Del Flusso e Reflusso del Mare" (1632). Through a fictitious dialogue Galilei communicates his theories and astronomical discoveries which supported his heliocentric worldview, with the sun as the center of the universe, in opposition to the ruling idea of the geocentric worldview with The Earth and Man at the center of the universe.

Galilei aimed to prove the rotation of the earth by the tidal movements as his main argument. Despite his deep fascination and detailed observations of the moon, he failed to grasp its powerful effects on The Earth and the life on our planet. However Galilei is one of the most important figures in the history of astronomy. Amongst his discoveries are the moons of Jupiter and by putting new scientific tools to use, such as the telescope, he became renowned for his pioneering and experimental approach in reaching for the stars.

The exhibition is set up with Galilei as the thematic and symbolic center which the dialogue orbits in an astronomical and geometrical idiom. In the works of this exhibition the handmade paper plays a key role as the foundation of the media. The structure of the paper works often include a textural element, which has been created through a physical process. The paper is covered by graphite powder, sanded and hand embossed with a tattoo needle, in an experimental process where tones and contours shapes the motif at last. These motifs range from scientific observations, geometrical paper objects to mathematical models which in the renaissance were constructed in the quest for divine geometry. Divine geometry was thought to be the key for the secrets of the universe.

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