February 26, 2013

Mark DeLong & Joseph Hart exhibition at Cooper Cole Gallery

Mark DeLong & Joseph Hart

February 28 - March 28, 2013
Opening reception: Thursday February 28, 2013 / 6 - 10pm

COOPER COLE is pleased to announce a two-person exhibition featuring new paintings and works on paper by artists Mark DeLong and Joseph Hart.

Through a series of new oil paintings on canvas, Mark DeLong continues his examination of Modernist inspired tendencies. A vibrant palette, graphic shapes, and thick impasto collide to reinterpret classic motifs: the human figure, landscape, a still-life arrangement, or an off-kilter Rube Goldberg machine. A premium on composition and design are evident in DeLong's paintings, showing careful (albeit casual) consideration for color relationships, movement and rhythm.

Similarly fascinated with the impact of compositional hierarchies, Joseph Hart presents a cohesive suite of works on paper that incorporate a variety of approaches including painting, drawing, and cut paper-collage. With an emphasis on gestural line and form, Hart creates visual moments that are alternatively calm and chaotic, that push and pull, ultimately leading to awkward yet resolved configurations. Layering color and marks, folding, cutting, editing, destroying and building back up the image play essential roles in his practice. Where DeLong's geometry and heavy use of color dominate the picture plane, Hart's aesthetic restraint simplifies it, producing thoughtfully scrawled abstractions that explore impulse, boundaries and incidental versus articulated mark making.

Cooper Cole
1161 Dundas Street West,

Toronto ON, M6J1X3, Canada
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