March 15, 2013

Carlos Cons "Memories of a sick sailor / The Devil´s Throat" show at MOHS exhibit

Carlos Cons
Memories of a sick sailor / The Devil´s Throat

15.03. - 13.04.2013
Opening friday March 15th 16:00 - 21:00


(text to Memories of a sick sailor / the Devil's Throat)

by Fernando Lobo.

Among other hobbies Carlos Cons collects fetishes and images. He has compiled over his mysterious trips. Some places in his living room others in his psyche. Most end up generously reflected in his artwork.

Arranged on the flat surface of the picture or in the corporeality of the installations, these objects that popular culture attributed supernatural powers, these strange ornamental little horrors transpose certain thresholds and refer viewers to a mysterious past in sepia tones.

The work circulated by certain ancient routes that seemed erased by forgetfulness. The art, fortunately is still a collection of rituals. In his strange gait artist Cons has run and again with the Valley of the Dead. The effect is evident.

I guess (I dare not ask) that this desire ceremonial link with a past in sepia tones this appropriation of ancestors would aim at creating new mythologies for times of disaster and oblivion.

This nostalgia for ancient times and dark and a technique that records storylines in a kind of log including inks and collage,begins to acquire in the version of myth, certificates of authenticity, just when we thought the legends were a History builders accounts closed.

Try to put it another way: Cons is what happens to Mexican art (and exhibitionism identity) when the territory is confronted with nightmares of her exotic sweet modernity.

MOHS exhibit
Sdr. Boulevard 98
DK-1720 Copenhagen V
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