March 22, 2013

Nano4814 "Hipérbole. Sabotaje. Abracadabra." exhibition at Watdafac Gallery

Hipérbole. Sabotaje. Abracadabra.

H.S.A.: An exaggeration, a trip, a magic trick. The hope that something will happen with a snap of fingers. Needs created by false expectations and shoes tied together. Bait hanging from a woodstick. The fact of not knowing a single thing but knowing you can do it all.

This does not accurately define the new Nano4814's exhibition but we think this would bring an idea of what to expect...

Nano does not walk down the street like a regular person, he silently moves among the shades, travels underground through the labyrinthine corridors of the city sewers brooding, hatching a plan. He knows them better than the Teenage Ninja Turtles themselves. Appears, disappears and leaves its unmatched trail wherever he goes so that others can enjoy it with an infinite smile and amazement in constant loop.

Always surprising, he does not carry an ace up his sleeve, he owns all the card decks in the world and when you think you could define his work the best way he wraps himself in a cloak and takes out his hat with 45 new tricks that leave your body like if you had a liquid hydrogen shower with no towel near you. And it is not an ordinary hat, it is a black hole full of surprises, an unexplored universe of neon colors, impossible worlds with cracking bright lights and explosions, which won't let you blind, but will make you fall in love and will iron the clothes you are wearing.

Nano does everything and does it all so perfect and in a fascinating way: graffiti, sculpture, installations, illustration, graphic design, exhibitions worldwide (I said WORLDWIDE), publishes books, magazines, fanzines, organizes events, plays The Simpsons: Springfield ® with his iPad, has a great studio and looks a little bit like Dan Deacon. What else do you want?. If you do not know this wonderful artist now is your chance, no excuses.

Nano is founder (and resident) of the Noviciado Estudio in Madrid, a place of pure inspiration where Willy Wonka would feel lost, as if it had been abandoned in the middle of the Pacific Ocean without lifeguards, surrounded by hungry sharks and miles away from the nearest shore. Lost

Things done the right way are the way that Nano 4814 brings them to us.

Watdafac I

"HIPÉRBOLE. SABOTAJE. ABRACADABRA."- (Watdafac Artifacts #007) - limited edition book - for sale at the opening reception.

FB Event

Gran Vía, 26 6º Drch

Madrid, Spain
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