March 20, 2013

Tag It & Bag It: Connecting Dots In The Multiverse at Gallery Heist

Tag It & Bag It
Connecting Dots In The Multiverse

Sparkles Positron, D23 Electron & Cool Story

Opening Reception Saturday March 23, 2013 7:00PM
On View March 23, 2013 - April 26, 2013

Existential Action Team members Sparkles Positron, D23 Electron, and Cool Story, set off last month for the worlds largest gem and mineral show in Tucson Az. What unfolded over the next two weeks across the Southwest can only be described as astonishing and unforgettably (eye) opening. Synchronistic clues were left like a dotted line across the regions sun soaked desserts, and the occasionally odd but beautiful human settlement. As the team collected, tagged and subsequently bagged any evidence that could be reassembled later, it became increasingly clear a multiversal message was being scrawled atop our dimensional plane.

We are presently at the decoding stage of this mission, and the Existential Action Teams' Information Technologies dept. AKA E.A.T. I.T will present its findings on march 23, 2013 at Gallery Heist at 19:00 hours.

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Gallery Heist
679 Geary
San Francisco,
California 94102
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