June 14, 2013

Bäst "Seafoam" solo exhibition at Eric Firestone Gallery


JUNE 15 – JULY 2 2013

Eric Firestone Gallery is pleased to announce SEAFOAM, a solo exhibition of new works by Brooklyn-based artist, Bäst, on view through July 2nd.

As Bäst’s work continues to gain notoriety both on the streets and in the galleries, he remains one of the few truly anonymous artists. This refusal to reveal his identity demonstrates Bäst’s dedication to creating pieces that speak earnestly and humorously to the residents of New York. His anonymity is particularly powerful throughout the work exhibited in SEAFOAM. The sculptural assemblages and paintings emphasize the child like purity of a man never tempted by the limelight. These vividly painted, wooden sculptures incorporate gathered materials from Bäst’s home shores of Coney Island. As a master of collage and layering, Bäst uses dozens of rows of eyes for the faces of his characters, seemingly revealing his desire for more than his own pair. SEAFOAM is a masterful culmination of Bäst’s painting and sculpture, highlighting his unique ability to subvert formalistic practices and more importantly, the public eye.

Writer, RJ Rushmore notes, “Bäst has spent over a decade stenciling, postering and tagging the streets of New York City, where he has proven himself a master of a gritty urban aesthetic and a representative of the resilient spirit of the city’s underdogs. Through the complex physical layering of collage, figures, advertisements, and patterns, Bäst often represents contradictory conceptions of the city in a single artwork, hiding the rough-and-tumble reality of life within beauty, humor, and Disneyfication. Is Bäst an untrained obsessive-labeled-artist, or a master observer and creator? The man behind the name hides in the shadows as one of the last great anonymous street artists, so we may never know for sure. Bäst is a man who knows his city, but we may never really know him.”

Bäst has exhibited internationally including galleries in New York, London, Paris and Berlin. Recent exhibitions include The Bone Yard Project, Pima Air & Space Museum, Pima AZ, co-curated by Carlo McCormick and Eric Firestone.

Eric Firestone Gallery
4 Newtown Lane, 
East Hampton
New York 11937
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