June 06, 2013

David Marc Grant "My Magic Will Bring Them Back" exhibition at White Walls Project Space

David Marc Grant
My Magic Will Bring Them Back

Opening Reception – June 8, 2013, 7-11 pm
On View Through June 29, 2013

White Walls Project Space is pleased to present My Magic Will Bring Them Back by David Marc Grant. The show will consist of around 40 small and medium scale paintings on panel and paper in addition to wall painting done specifically to interact with the work and transform the space. Join us for the opening reception Saturday, June 8th, from 7-11pm. The exhibit will be free and open to the public for viewing through June 29, 2013.

At first glance, David Marc Grant’s illustrative, colorful works are deceivingly benign, but within each is an underlying commentary on hotly contested geo-political issues such as unintended consequences of a civilization built on a foundation of unsustainable growth on a finite planet.

From the artist:

The work for this show continues to explore my interest in fictitious world building. These images and visions are intended to imply technologies and structures of an unknown temporality and reality. They could exist in the past, present, or future, possibly all at the same time.

My formative exposures to the genres of dystopian/utopian science fiction and fantasy which placed an emphasis on the creation of awe-inspiring spectacle as well as cautionary tales of environmental disaster and the end of the world are the impetus for this investigation. As is the notion that we might return to a more balanced and harmonious existence after this current civilization has run its inevitable course. Implicit in this world building process is the creation of a narrative myth involving sparse landscapes, trees, icebergs, animals, and fictitious colorful geometric structures. But what story they are telling is only revealed to me through the completion of each subsequent work. With any given glimpse into this created world, I’m more compelled to keep working to see what other wonders and magic might exist there.

White Walls Project Space
886 Geary
San Francisco, CA
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